Welcome to the brand new Latz Report!

I’d like to start by thanking all of you who’ve contacted me since I announced that The Latz Report (TLR) would be starting. Your feedback is not only very encouraging, but vital to the success of this service. TLR will only ever be truly successful if it’s a two way dialogue.

I always love to hear from you, whether by call, text, email or whatever other technology you prefer. Almost every article will have a comments facility at the bottom and once again, I’d love to see your thoughts and opinions via this forum.

When you read TLR, those of you who remember my former publication, Bicycling Trade, will soon realise that I’m largely sticking to that tried and true formula, but here some upgrades that I’ll be adding.

‘How’s Business?’ will always be first cab off the rank. For TLR, as well as speaking to six Australian shops, every month I’m also going to be adding at least one New Zealand shop into the mix. I’m doing this for two main reasons. Firstly, our two bicycle markets have been becoming more closely intertwined over recent years. A lot of Australian based distributors now also sell into New Zealand so I’m also sending TLR to all New Zealand bike trade members. Secondly, the Kiwis can teach Australia a lot when it comes to cycling. They’re currently well ahead when it comes to things like bicycle tourism, major bike infrastructure including MTB parks and sales of ebikes, so it will be good to hear things from a New Zealand perspective.

I’m also slightly expanding the distribution and scope of TLR beyond the core of bicycle wholesalers and retailers to embrace cycle tourism and event operators, bike hire, shared mobility, MTB parks etc. These are growing sectors of our industry that ultimately help to grow sales for everyone. Every month I’ll include at least one story that focuses on one of these new areas. I think there’s an unfortunate disconnect between some traditional bike industry members and these new players and vice versa, so I think it will be mutually beneficial for everyone to be exposed to slightly different worlds and perspectives.

The third upgrade relates to technology. There will be no print version of The Latz Report. We’ll be sharing content via our newsletter, website, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. I don’t mind admitting that at age 57, I’m climbing a steep learning curve. (I need a lower granny gear!) But I’ve made a deliberate decision to move with the times. Everything we do will also be mobile device friendly. I plan to create a lot of video – my plastic surgeon and cosmetic dentist are primed and ready. It will take some time to build all of this new content and new channels, but we’re working systematically towards this goal from day one.

Now that you know where we’re headed, as always feel free to give me your feedback. Finally, to quote the Black Eyed Peas, ‘Let’s get it started!’

Phil portrait 2019

Phil Latz

Founder, The Latz Report

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