Bzak Cycling Launches VeloKitStore® – Shop Kit, But Not As You Know It!

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VeloKitStore® is a new concept in custom cycling apparel. It’s a platform that allows retailers to promote their business with a unique custom-designed cycling kit, without the need to carry stock.

It is an initiative created and managed by Melbourne apparel design company Bzak Cycling.

For a small design and sample fee they will create your custom cycling kit and from that point on they take care of production, inventory and delivery.

Here’s how it works:

  • You display the finished kit samples in your retail store
  • Your customer orders your cycling apparel direct from the VeloKitStore® website
  • VeloKitStore® make the order within three weeks and deliver to your premises. (Freight time is extra.)
  • Your customer collects the kit from your store
  • VeloKitStore® then sends you a 20% sales commission on each order

… It’s that simple.

Or you can order a minimum wholesale quantity and sell direct to your customers in the conventional way.

Professionally designed, quality cycling apparel with, in most cases, no minimum order quantity needed.

The VeloKitStore® model allows for a sustainable approach to custom cycling apparel. It is a made-to-order, financially viable and risk-free option for store owners, removing the need to invest in stock.

“Retailers can have confidence in the quality of our products and the customer service we offer,” founder Rob Moore advised.

VeloKitStore® products are the same high quality as those provided by Bzak Cycling, which has built a solid reputation since commencing in 2014. And both organisations have design, photography, web and logistic support from their parent company Omega Creative, which was established in 1979.

Rob summarised, “We can do one-off, made-to-order production with a stand-alone production line set up for this purpose, independent of our usual bulk order production. We think it’s an option retailers, or any business looking to sell their own branded kit, will find attractive.”

The bicycle industry is the primary target, but VeloKitStore can be for any business that wants to sell their custom kit without the risk of holding stock.

For more information visit or contact Rob Moore 03 9888 5711 or email

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