Go-Tow: The Urban Utility Solution

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We all know that cycling presents a terrific green transport alternative, especially in an urban setting. Of course, there are a few hurdles that need to be overcome when it comes to replacing cars, and one of them is cargo carrying capacity. That’s where the Aussie designed Go-Tow comes into the picture.

Most bike trailers are either pitched at long distance cycle touring or they’re meant for carrying the most valuable cargo of all—your kids!

Go-Tow is different; it features a modular foldable design with a detachable arm that allows it to morph from bike trailer to push-trolley, then fold away for easy storage.

Finished by hand in Melbourne, the Go-Tow features aluminium construction with stainless steel hardware and utilises bike industry standard sizes, making it both durable and serviceable.

The 360mm high walls mean it can be loaded up with anything from groceries to hardware supplies or even books—whatever you need to carry. It’s also supplied with a heavy duty 95 litre polyester bag that’s fully waterproof, making the Go-Tow all-weather compatible.

Installing the front jockey wheel and supplementary handle makes it easy to wheel the Go-Tow through the supermarket isles, before converting back to a bike trailer for the ride home. Once home and unpacked, the trailer folds completely flat for easy storage, even if you live in an apartment. Best of all, it’s all tool-free and user friendly.

The Go-Tow has a 45kg carrying capacity and mounts to a hitch that’s compatible with regular nutted or quick release axles.

While it’s not directly compatible with thru-axle equipped bikes, conversion axles (such as those offered by Robert Axle Project) will allow the Go-Tow to fit just about any modern bike.

Go-Tow offers their versatile trailer with a choice of corrosion-proof nylon ‘tuff’ wheels or serviceable alloy spoked wheels and the complete kit retails for $599. This includes the waterproof bag, detachable arms and handles, safety flag and jockey wheel.

For further information go to www.gotow.com.au or contact them to become a distributor; sales@gotow.com.au or call 0439 135 442.

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