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Champions Choice is a Lusty Industries house brand built from listening to dealers in Australia and around the world for a solution for bulk tubeless sealant that offered exceptional shelf life, high performance and cost efficiency.

It limits waste by reducing use of smaller bottles that are thrown away and, most importantly, it offers exceptional cost per millilitre to generate better workshop revenues.

Champions Choice is suited to all riding disciplines – from mountain and gravel to road and including e-bikes – and delivers superior value across each option.

While some latex-based sealants that are high in ammonia lose effectiveness after only a few weeks, Champions Choice can last six months or more after it is opened and exposed to atmosphere.

Its high performance comes from many technical features, including Infinite-Ride formulation and Microfibre Technology.

At the same time, the formulation is eco-responsible, as well as engineered, developed and produced entirely in Australia.

Close up of tubeless valve on bicycle tyre
Tubeless valves, rim tape, coloured valve caps, a valve core tool and options for replaceable valve cores are being added to the Champions Choice range.

High demand prompted Lusty to introduce a 500ml option for retail and, to further differentiate the product from its competitors, the bottle features a filling straw and a cap that doubles as a Presta and Schrader valve removal tool.

The size options were also expanded with a 10-litre bulk bottle for workshops, to accompany the four-litre bottle for workshops and customers.

Both the 10-litre and four-litre bulk options have an easy-to-use tap and measuring cup.

Lusty Industries is also working with partner workshops and riders to develop Champions Choice tubeless valves, rim tape and accessories for some funky additions to the line-up.

They will also include bulk solutions to give workshops cost-effective options and cut down on waste.

The tubeless valves are focused on extra durability, including insert-compatible options, but offer a line of colour options with an anodised look to match a bike’s componentry.

Champions Choice rim tape has been developed to provide multiple widths and a superior product for tubeless applications. Bulk rim tape will be offered to partners needing larger rolls on hand and for workshop applications.

Accessories planned for release later this year also include coloured valve caps, a valve core tool and options for replaceable valve cores.

Collage of three different shots of travel bag
High quality materials and manufacturing processes have ensured Albek has become a reference point for bags ideal for travel and daily use.

Albek passion for Quality and Performance

Lusty launched its Albek bag range in 2017 – an idea germinated over beers after a ride with mates – and it has grown rapidly ever since.

Albek was created from a passion for adventure and travel, to exceed expectations, and always aiming to go farther and faster. The natural surrounds of its Newcastle headquarters help enable those passions.

The brand has become a reference point for bags ideal for travel and daily use, two-wheeled sports and a hyperactive pace of life. It combines the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes with all the functional features expected for transporting training, race and technical gear.

Albek bags deal with the toughest trips and solve everyday problems faced by riders on the road or in transit, while introducing new ideas and staying at the forefront of manufacturing technologies.

Person loading bicycle into car with travel bags
Collaborations with leading riders and brands such as Mondraker are helping to advance Albek’s products.

Albrek goes to great lengths to source raw materials and engineering components that guarantee its bags are built “adventure tough”.

Collaborations became a natural extension to the core product line up. These partnerships share a common vision around a deep appreciation for quality, design, and performance products.

Albek has created a captivating and practical collection of bags and backpacks in collaboration with renowned brands such as Troy Lee Designs, Crankbrothers and Mondraker Bicycles. It also works with teams such as Redbull and Canyon Factory Racing, along with riders Troy Brosnan, Greg Minnaar, Jack Moir, Caroline Buchanan, Ellie Smith, Sam Hill, Andy Buckworth, Brook McDonald and Jaie Toohey, Sian A’Hern and Will Ireland, to mention just a few.

Their contributions are instrumental in continually evolving Albek products.

For more information about Champions Choice and Albek, contact Lusty Industries at www.lustyindustries.com, sales@lustyindustries.com or (02) 4962 3511.

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