Micro Scooters are Made to Last

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All too often, scooters are built as disposable toys that soon end up as landfill, they’re made cheap and not built to last. Swiss designed Micro Scooters are very different. They are built to stringent European standards (EN14619 and EN71-1), come with a two-year warranty and all parts are replaceable—just like a good quality bike.

As a result, they will last to the point where they can be handed down from one child to the next. To complement this, parts can be replaced to give the scooter a whole new look; change the deck and grips and you’ll totally transform the appearance when passing the scooter on.

Not adding to landfill is a real win for the environment but Micro Scooters takes this a step further with their Mini Micro Deluxe Eco. On this model, the deck and brake lever is made from recycled marine plastic such as discarded fishing net. It’s a real innovation and hopefully something that we’ll see more of in the future.

From a retailers’ perspective, good quality scooters make for an easy sale. They take up minimal floor space and their simplicity leads to reliability and customer satisfaction. The investment is comparatively low too; a model such as the Mini Micro Deluxe will retail for $159 while the responsibly sourced Eco goes for $169. A top-of-the-line adult’s scooters will sell for around $400.

To complement their scooters, Micro Scooters has recently launched a new helmet range that caters for toddlers through to teens. All models carry Australian Standards certification and the smallest models go down to 46cm with features such as a magnetic buckle to eliminate pinching. At the other end of the scale, the teen sizing goes up to 46cm.

Throughout the range, variable thickness padding combines with dial adjustment systems to provide both adaptability and comfort, while built-in rear LED lights further enhance user safety.

Of course, a helmet only affords safety if the owner wears it, and the Micro Scooters line-up aims to cater for all tastes; from bright patterns and fun 3D themes for younger kids through to matte skate-styles for the teens. Retail pricing ranges from $69 through to $99.

Micro Scooters are for the whole family
Micro Scooters have options for the whole family.

Many bike shops have shied away from scooter sales, as most tend to be disposable toys. Micro Scooters provides stores with a high-quality alternative that’s serviceable, reliable and will sit neatly alongside a traditional bike range—a great way to branch out into a new market.

To explore the options go to www.microscooters.com.au

Micro Scooter Mini Adult Range
Kids shouldn’t have all the fun; there are quality Micro Scooter options for adults too.

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