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Have Your Say About How We Can Improve the Yearbook!


Wollongong, NSW

For 25 years the Yearbook has been a popular information source for bicycle trade members.

If you’re a bicycle retailer anywhere in Australia then hopefully you have a copy of the 2021 Latz Report Yearbook in your store. (If not, please call us and we’ll send you one!) We’re also continuing with our online ‘flipbook’ version which you can see here.

As we start preparing for the 2022 Yearbook, we’d greatly appreciate your feedback on what you like, what you don’t like and how we can improve.

Please complete this online survey, which only contains a handful of questions and will take you just a minute or so. All of your answers will remain confidential. There’s no trade promotion or any other strings attached. It’s purely your chance to give us valuable advice.

Thanks very much for your feedback!


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