Cell Bike Brand Re-emerges in Australia

Cell Bikes are remembered in Australia as arguably the first major online retail company and discount bike brand.

Cell Bikes declined as brand and business, before closing, then being acquired by Bicycles Online, the Sydney based importer and online retailer of bicycle brands including Polygon and Marin.

Now the Cell Bikes brand has re-emerged in large numbers, not online, but in hundreds of Aldi Supermarkets around Australia, as the following press release explains:

‘CELL Bikes, the original pioneers of direct to consumer bike sales in Australia, are relaunching to the Australian market with an exclusive bike shop quality e-bike range designed specifically for sale as a Special Buy through ALDI stores on December 14, 2019.

‘The CELL Ultimo 1.0 e-bike looks to set the benchmark for quality entry level e-bikes in Australia, featuring a lightweight alloy frame and Shimano™ drivetrain powered by a 250 watt motor for pedal assistance up to 25km/h for just $999.

‘The two models on offer – a step-through and a classic frame – both come with a lockable Lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 50km on a single charge, rear cargo rack, integrated lights and smartphone app as standard inclusions.”

“As early disruptors of the local bicycle market, we’re thrilled to bring CELL Bikes back with the power and reputation of ALDI behind us,” says Dave Musgrove, CELL Bikes lead product designer and brand manager. “In a very short period of time ALDI has established themselves as market leaders in both price and quality of their product offering – which is exactly what we want CELL Bikes to be known for again.”

‘It’s been two years since CELL Bikes disappeared from the market after being forced to close their retail operations due to intense competition. CELL Bikes had previously sold over 100,000 bikes locally.

“The focus during the design process was consideration, not compromise,” says Musgrove, who was responsible designing many of CELL Bikes most popular models. “We know we’re often the first step when people decide to get back on bike, so we want to make sure their experience is a positive one.”

‘Following the Special Buy of the exclusive ALDI model, CELL Bikes will be rolling out its full new product range through bicyclesonline.com.au.’

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