COVID Sales Boost Hits Second Wave

Sydney NSW

Australia’s COVID-induced surge in bike industry sales is entering a second wave, with many cycling newcomers ready to step up their equipment, according to industry veteran Robert Thomson from Sydney store Bicycles Plus.

Robert said he was starting to see a surge of buyers keen to upgrade to bikes more fitting to their needs, after making hasty purchases because of COVID and the subsequent restrictions.

“It was a prediction I made some months ago and it’s gradually starting to become reality,” he said.

“A lot of people who took on cycling during COVID will have purchased whatever they could get their hands on at the time. Those bikes might have been second-hand or they might have been cheap and inferior to their needs.

“I can see a lot of these people have now adopted cycling as a lifestyle and the future with these people is upgrades.”

He said while current turnover levels are nowhere near the numbers at the peak of COVID, bike sales are still well above pre-pandemic levels.

“We are still churning through bikes,” Robert said.

“The number of people discovering cycling or getting back into riding after a long absence is easing off. But that is also balanced by the increased number of people needing bike services and accessories.

“There’s more bums on bike seats than ever before, with a high number of novices who will be looking for assistance to maintain their bikes.

“I think it will be ongoing.”

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