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FE Sports Distributing Lightweight Wheels


Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane’s FE Sports is partnering with German wheel manufacturer Lightweight to begin distributing its high-performance wheels in Australia and New Zealand from the start of next month.

Lightweight has been developing wheels for race bikes for more than 20 years, in the pursuit of “creating the perfect wheel”.

Its hand-made wheels are produced within a closed production chain, building on the legacy of co-founder and wheel design pioneer Heinz Obermayer, who began with a simple operation in his garage as he helped great athletes to legendary victories.

FE Sports general manager Darren Harper said Lightweight’s wheels and components “are synonymous with words used to describe the things we most desire and they hold a brand status in cycling that has not been achieved by the competition”.

FE Sports distributes a number of high-end brands including Pirelli Velo, Wahoo Fitness, 100% and Wera Tools.


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