Launching Today! Our New YouTube Channel Aims to Help Your Business

A personal note from Phil Latz, Publisher of The Latz Report.

Today I’m launching our new Latz Report YouTube Channel. Initially we’ll be posting a new video once per fortnight, which will possibly increase to weekly in future.

If you’re looking for cute cats, funniest home videos or whatever else gets the most clicks on YouTube these days then you’ll be sorely disappointed!

Our YouTube Channel closely aligns with the aim of The Latz Report, which is to help your business to become more profitable.

My aim is all about giving you the best possible content in the clearest, most easily understood format.

I plan to produce at least 14 video series. The first will be about Personal Growth, followed by Maximising Your Profit, Marketing, Selling, Merchandising, Premises, Stock Control,

Staff and Systems, Book Reviews and Resources, Bicycle Workshop, Additional Income Sources and Exit Strategies.

There will also be two ongoing series weaved within these, for interviews with business leaders and responses to view comments and questions.

Within each series there will be 6 to 12 videos. Each of these will typically be 5 to10 minutes in length.

If you subscribe to my series, you’ll automatically be emailed a link to each new video when it’s uploaded. Your subscription for the entire series is free of charge.

I’ll be relying upon sponsorship from a maximum of two selected wholesalers to fund the production costs. If you’re a wholesaler who would like to be associated with this initiative to help raise the profitability and professionalism of our industry, then please contact me. I’m looking for one bike and one P&A sponsor, who will enjoy exclusivity in their respective product categories for a minimum one year sponsorship.

Please take a look at the first video here. As always, I greatly appreciate your feedback and points for improvement.

Subscribe to The Latz Report Channel on YouTube, to receive a notification when the next video in the series is released. Visit YouTube and click on the Subscribe button on our YouTube page. (This is a separate subscription to your monthly Latz Report newsletter).

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