Push Begins to Elevate Mechanic Training Rating in WA

Perth, WA

A push to increase the status of bike mechanic traineeships in WA has been launched by Bicycle industries Australia.

The peak industry group last month submitted an application for intent with the WA Department of Training to get the State’s bicycle mechanic traineeship raised from a Class B classification to a Class C.

The higher rating would enable the traineeships to secure Federal Government funding of $3,500 per trainee, making it far more affordable for business to upskill their staff.

BIA general manager Peter Bourke said the recent expansion of the Bicycle Academy into WA – after it was established in 2020 by the bicycle retail and wholesale company Pedal Group and training organisation Industry Graduates – opened the door for higher-level training in that State.

“Our application for intent had to show what has changed, in order for the Government to consider looking at the change in rating,” he said.

“They had suggested a Cert II has been on the table for quite a while, under the existing rating, and no one has taken up the training.

“Our response is simply that there was no RTO (registered training organisation) in Perth that had it on scope and had the capacity to promote it.

“A Cert II is really just an introduction to mechanics, while a Cert III provides the skills for an entry level mechanic in the industry.

“We now have a six-week review process to provide further information to the department and demonstrate that there are shops in WA who would like their staff to undertake the training.”

He said BIA is also preparing to apply to the WA Government to introduce State training subsidies for bike industry courses.

There would be several steps, starting with getting the WA Government to recognise the Cert III course and put it on the federal register.

“We would then we support the RTO, as appropriate, to get the necessary accreditation in WA to deliver the course, while applying to get training subsidies,” Peter added.

“Getting it on the State register should be a relatively short process and hopefully that could happen before the end of the year.”

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