Two Bike Shop Related Software Businesses Recently Acquired

Point of sale company Vend has recently been acquired by a competitor in this marketplace, Lightspeed. 

We recently posted a company feature about Vend which you can read here. The Auckland-based independent company has an office in Melbourne and a significant user base of bike shops in both Australia and New Zealand. 

Lightspeed is also well established in the Australian Bicycle market. The acquisition should be finalised by the end of April. 

Meanwhile, in other software company acquisition news, 99 Bikes has acquired the CykelOS workshop software platform. 99 Bikes was already the largest client for the software. The acquisition means that CykelOS has been closing off their system to other bike shop clients. 

“We’ve been referring shops to Hubtiger,” said CykelOS co-founder Kristen Britz.  

“We’ve completely exited the business. We’ve handed over the software to 99 Bikes’ development team. 

“We started putting out feelers late last year,” he revealed. “I’m the Head of IT for Containers for Change (a not-for-profit) and wanted to focus fully upon that.” 

Join the Conversation: What software does your store currently use? Would you recommend it to other retailers?

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