Stick With Leatt for Maximum Confidence

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Leatt’s ever-evolving range of shoes, helmets, body armour, braces, guards, hydration systems apparel can be summed up in one word – confidence.

Confidence in the quality, in its rider-based research, its technology and its focus on doing whatever it takes to keep committed thrill seekers safer.

Mountain biking is a confidence game, and Leatt is in the business of making sure riders have the confidence and the equipment to push themselves faster, harder and further than they previously thought they could go.

Leatt’s range of shoes is at the foundation of that pursuit and includes both flat and clip options.

The flat shoes feature Leatt’s RideGrip technology, comprising two compounds and two tread patterns to provide the best possible interface with pedals.

Its RideGrip Pro, with Waffle Grip Pro soles, sits at the pinnacle of its flat shoe range. Its inverted waffle tread, combined with very tacky rubber, locks in the pedal’s pins to deliver outstanding traction.

With a 20% softer compound compared to the RideGrip models, RideGrip Pro allows the pins to dig deeper into the rubber for enhanced grip, even with short pins, and strikes the optimum balance between grip and abrasion resistance.

RideGrip’s concave Waffle Grip pattern is designed for long pedal pins, guiding them within rubber walls to deliver exceptional stability and pedal feel.
Harder compounds on RideGrip models provide great abrasion resistance on and off the bike.

Leatt 1.0 Flat is a casual everyday shoe
The Leatt 1.0 Flat is a casual everyday shoe, but with a performance-enhancing dual compound sole and a synthetic suede upper with plenty of durability.

The RideGripPro range includes the Leatt 1.0 Flat, a casual everyday shoe with an RRP of $139.

  • Four colour options – Black, Rust, Chilli and Dune
  • RideGrip Pro compound
  • Dual compound sole with stiffened insert for pedal support
  • Durable shoe upper, synthetic suede with perforations for breathability
Leatt 3.0 Flat – RideGrip Pro shoe
The Leatt 3.0 Flat – RideGrip Pro’s go-fast features are combined with maximum tear, puncture and abrasion resistance, as well as inner ankle protection.

It sits alongside the race-bred performance of the Leatt 3.0 Flat – RideGrip Pro (RRP $219).

  • RideGrip Pro compound for improved pedal feel and control
  • Sticky Leatt Lab compound sole for ultimate bike control
  • Waffle Grip Pro pattern for improved grip with short pins
  • Heel and toe mud flow channels for grip in all conditions
  • Maximum tear, puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Synthetic leather upper for tough riding conditions
  • Compression laces for secure fit
  • Active carbon moisture wicking, quick dry, antibacterial, anti-odour
  • Inner ankle protection
Leatt shoes
A Moz cable lacing fit system on the Leatt 4.0 Pro Clip allows micro-adjustments for perfect fit and comfort, while its SPD Extended Channel enables the right set-up for all types of riding.

The Leatt 4.0 Pro Clip brings the same race-ready performance in a clip option.

  • Moz cable lacing fit system located on the top of the shoe enables micro-adjustments for perfect fit and comfort
  • Leatt SPD Extended Channel offers most pedal compatibility and enables set-up for all
  • Different types of riding
  • RideGrip compound in the sole for amazing bike control
  • Tension straps for foot security and weather protection
  • Durable synthetic leather upper for tough riding conditions
  • Active carbon moisture wicking, quick dry, antibacterial, anti-odour
  • Two colour options – Titanium and Camo

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