Why Dealers Are Loving JetBlack’s New Volt

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JetBlack Cycling one of a very select group of Australian based companies that is successfully developing and selling their own world class products across the globe.

You can read more about JetBlack’s inspiring story here.

Of all the products JetBlack has created over the years, none has been as ambitious and technologically advanced as their new Volt smart trainer.

The Volt represents the culmination of four years’ hard work by JetBlack’s team of Australasian based experts including three industrial designers, four electrical engineers and two software developers.

“The Volt stands up really well against any of the other products in its category around the world.”

“The feedback we’re getting on the Volt, is phenomenal,” said Managing Director Tony Simmonds. “Dealers are loving how quiet it is. But we’ve also put a lot of work into our firmware. There’s a lot of coding to ensure that you’re getting a realistic ride when you’re going up and down hills, taking into account rider weight, bike weight, wind resistance at different speeds to get the correct power curves.”

“It’s all about providing the end user with an amazing experience that they’re going to love.

“Not too far behind the Volt will be a wheel-on trainer, which will be an affordable high end smart trainer, packed full of features.

“This will have the traditional A frame design. Part of the reason for still going down that road is that as smart trainers become more accessible and affordable, there will be a growing number of less experienced customers who don’t want to have to take their back wheel out.”

With world class performance, stylish design, whisper quiet, reasonable price and good margins, JetBlack’s Volt is a winning package for dealers.

A key feature of JetBlack’s Volt and upcoming new smart trainer models is their state of the art seamless connectivity with the major software providers such as Zwift.

Two or three years ago as Zwift was coming into prominence the interface protocol was Ant+ but there was no Bluetooth standard, which was less than ideal.

JetBlack has overcome this challenge by becoming one of the world leaders in adopting the newer and superior Bluetooth FTMS protocol.

“I’m happy to report that all our products are fully Bluetooth FTMS compliant, so they will communicate with any app that uses Bluetooth FTMS,” Tony said.

Cleary Zwift is the market leader using this protocol but there are other excellent alternatives including TrainerRoad and even the Australian developed FulGaz, all of which are fully compatible with the Volt.

Subject to currency variations, which are very volatile at the moment, the Volt will retail for approximately $1,099 which will include both the Volt and a Shimano compatible 11-28 tooth cassette already fitted, so it’s ready to ride, out of the box.

Even though that price is significantly below that of major competitors, dealers will enjoy better margins than they will get for other brands in the market.

Dealers will be able to make even more margin on each sale because JetBlack have developed a full suite of high quality accessories that customers will want to enhance their indoor cycling experience. These will be easy upsells for dealers to make either at the time of purchase or upon return visits by the customer.

These include the JetBlack Turn Block for the front wheel, that not only acts as a traditional riser block to put the front wheel on the same level, but allows it to freely turn, giving a more realistic riding experience. Coming soon will be a smart electronic version which will let cyclists turn at intersections on Zwift programs, with more sophisticated features to follow.

Next will be the JetBlack Trainer Table that allows the cyclist to put their laptop, ipad, phone or other device within reach at the right height.

Soon after will be the world’s first TV stand specifically designed for indoor training, to give the correct ergonomics, with lower position to relieve neck strain.

All of these accessories will align with JetBlack’s ‘accessible performance’ philosophy meaning highly affordable prices that even budget conscious users will be happy to pay.

To find out more visit www.jetblackproducts.com or call (02) 4560 1200

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