Goodyear Launches Full Bicycle Tyre Range into Australia

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Goodyear is without doubt one of the world’s most famous tyre brands. It was founded in 1898, employs approximately 54,000 people worldwide and has annual sales of over A$22 billion.

Most people would associate Goodyear with motor car tyres and quite possibly motor racing in particular, but a lesser known fact is that Goodyear started as a bicycle tyre company.

Now the wheel is turning full circle and Goodyear is repositioning itself more broadly as a mobility company.

Given Goodyear’s scale and history, it should not be surprising to learn that Goodyear is not just putting its toe into the water with one or two rebadged bicycle tyres.

Instead they’re launching with a full range across all categories of cycling. Not being shackled by having the legacy of recent bicycle tyre models, Goodyear have taken a fresh perspective and created unique new tyre designs.

Goodyear Transit Urban

For example, they’ve gone almost 100% tubeless from day one, with new ‘Tubeless Complete’ casings that don’t require sealant, although it’s still useful for small puncture self-repair.

Goodyear are also well aware of the trend towards wider tyre cross sections, with their smallest road tyres being 25c and smallest MTB tyres being 2.3 inches. There are also tyres for gravel and urban commuting / general recreational riding.

For the performance road market, Goodyear’s tyres are sharing the model name that they’ve made famous through motor racing, Eagle. The Eagle All Season tubeless high performance road tyre range will be available in four sizes from 25c to 32c, all in 700c diameter.

For mountain bikers there are three distinct ranges, Newton for gravity riding with specific front and rear wheel designs, Peak, for lighter weight cross country performance and Escape for durable all condition mountain biking.

Goodyear MTB Newton

Gravel riders can choose from the 35mm wide Country or the more heavily treaded 40mm wide Connector.

Finally, for urban cyclists there’s the Transit Tour and Transit Speed in a range of sizes, with the heavier versions designed with ebikes in mind.

Goodyear Transit Speed

Goodyear Tyres are being launched into the Australian market from Monday 3rd February by their exclusive Australian distributor, PSI Cycling.

For more information talk to your PSI Cycling representative, visit or call (03) 8327 8080

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