Identification is a Key Component to Reducing Bike Theft

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Bike theft doesn’t just leave the bike owner feeling devastated. Customer concern about potential theft is a major impediment to bike shops selling more bikes and bikes of greater value.

A bike lock is a necessary deterrent to opportunistic theft but on its own offers little protection against determined recidivist bike thieves who are known to carry tools including angle grinders that are able to cut through any lock.

Combatting recidivist bike thieves requires addressing why bikes are targeted.

Targeted bike theft is fuelled by the ability of thieves and handlers (black market traders) to easily on-sell stolen bikes as a whole bike or in parts. Without a sophisticated identification system, these criminals have very little fear of the stolen bike being identified. This in turn means that they have an extremely low risk of being detected and prosecuted by the police, and so the negative spiral continues.

The VAULT solution is much more than just a bike lock, it is an integrated security system that provides the ultimate solution to combat bike theft.

VAULT founded and operated by passionate bike riders and former police with years of experience in theft investigation, have partnered with DataDot Technology the world leaders in anti-theft asset identification to provide the most comprehensive integrated theft deterrence and recovery system available in the Australian market, including:

Bike ID – Advanced bike identification kits providing Overt, Covert, Stealth and Digital identification to the whole bike.  The premium BIKE ID KIT+ has 1,000 DataDotDNA microdots (0.5mm in diameter) laser-etched with a unique identification code that is digitally locked to the bike for life in the secure BikeVAULT database.  The microdots are easily applied to bespoke locations on the bike using a fine tip brush applicator, proprietary DataTrace UV adhesive and removable marking rings for photo recording, providing near invisible identification, making it virtually impossible for a thief to re-identify a stolen bike.

Registration – Lifetime free registration on the BikeVAULT section of the PropertyVAULT website – Australia’s leading anti-theft platform that has assisted with over $2,000,000 worth of stolen bike and other asset recoveries to date.  Much more than simple bike registration, BikeVAULT with block encryption provides:

  • Full life cycle identification, ownership and provenance tracking
  • Free registration and logbook transfer upon sale – providing a secure record of the bike’s ownership history from new to reassure a prospective buyer of its provenance and bring potential for improved resale value.
  • Free tips and tools to aid recovery when stolen, including monitored stolen notification and direct theft recovery support by VAULT experts.

Locks – VAULT’s range of strong quality bike locks each come with a complimentary BIKE ID KIT, lifetime free BikeVAULT registration and theft support.

Dealer Benefits

  • Dealers can make good margins on the sale of Bike ID kits and lock + ID kit combination packs.
  • VAULT support their dealer network by providing free dealer advertising on the BikeVAULT website:
  • Dealers and customers also benefit from a complimentary new bike – Dealer Loyalty Theft Bonus (DLTB) program, which provides for up to $500 for a customer to buy a new bike from the same dealer if their bike is stolen and not recovered in the first three years. Full terms and conditions apply.

For more information please visit or contact Brad Kellas CEO of DataDot Technology Ltd on (02) 8977 4900

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