Maxima Track Record Gets Premium Partners Along for the Ride

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Actions speak much louder than words and a host of Supercross Championships says a thing or two about Maxima and its expertise in lubrication.

Its incredible track record doesn’t stop with its successful association with Factory Kawasaki. Maxima has developed a host of bicycle products to offer factory-level performance to any bicycle workshop.

The long-standing US brand has partnered with a long list of elite teams – such Trek Rock Shox and Forbidden Synthesis – as well as bike component manufacturers and mechanics to develop its entire range.

Maxima’s unrelenting passion to develop best-in-class products in-house for the best racers and teams around the globe has led to it becoming the OEM supplier and partner for companies such as SRAM, Rock Shox, Fox and Bontrager.

Maxima products
While Maxima lubricants are a staple in many bike workshops in Australia, many would not be aware of the brand’s vast range of products.

SRAM recently chose Maxima brake fluid and developed a mineral-based oil for its new DB8 disc brakes.

Similarly, Maxima developed its PLUSH range of suspension fluids in conjunction with Rock Shox. Open a Rock Shox manual these days and it will recommend customers use Maxima PLUSH products.

“Maxima products are the first port of call for any product I use in my workshop and have been for years now. I use and stock the whole range of Maxima, from your everyday chain lube to tubeless sealant.” – Rick, Rapid Descent Workshop.

Maxima fluids are a mainstay for many of Australia’s top suspension servicing specialists and Maxima waterproof grease is a staple for the vast majority of bicycle workshops around the nation.

However, it’s likely many of those dedicated users would not be fully aware of the vast extent of race-bred products that have joined the Maxima range since it moved into bicycle products in 2014.

Bottles of break fluid on a bench top
SRAM chose Maxima brake fluid and collaborated to develop a mineral-based oil for its new DB8 disc brakes.

Its fork oils, brake fluids, suspension fluids and grease and chain lubes now sit alongside tyre sealant, assembly lube and a wash range with degreasers, a bio wash and a matt finish cleaner designed specifically for washing matt finish bikes without leaving any streaks.

Maxima is endorsed by some of Australia’s premiere mechanic and suspension workshops, including NS Dynamics in Queensland and Rapid Descent Workshop in Newcastle.

“Maxima products are the first port of call for any product I use in my workshop and have been for years now. I use and stock the whole range of Maxima, from your everyday chain lube to tubeless sealant. The wash and degreasers are awesome and I sell all of it as well to my customers. I trust the quality of all their products, knowing their deep background gives me the confidence to know what I’m using works at the highest levels” – Rick, Rapid Descent Workshop.

Maxima has always taken the very rare approach of developing all its formulas itself, to ensure it controls the entire design and manufacturing process … while testing them in collaboration with the world’s best teams and athletes.

Bottle of tyre sealant on a bench top
Maxima’s expansive range, all developed and produced inhouse by the US company, also includes an eco-friendly tyre sealant.

It all adds up to long-term high performance and a reason why many workshops are turning to Maxima to make it easier at bike servicing time.

“Our retailers love the fact the same high-quality products that are used by their workshop mechanics and the big manufacturers are available to their retail customers,” according to Myles Potter, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Lusty Industries, which distributes Maxima in Australia.

“It also really streamlines things when you can equip your entire workshop and retail space with lubricants and cleaning products from the one supplier.”

The list of brands distributed by Lusty Industries also includes Maxxis Tyres, Troy Lee Designs and its own Champions Choice range of tyre sealant.

For more information about Champions Choice, contact Lusty Industries at, or (02) 4962 3511.

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