Unique PieProof Helmet Protects Cyclists from Magpies

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Leo Boesten is a Dutch-Australian engineer with a passion for cycling. He’s also been swooped by magpies too many times to count.

He found that some magpies are not content just to swoop, but take a nip of your ear or a peck through your helmet vent.

Following some nasty direct injuries and a near crash in 2022, Leo decided to take action.

Product shot of two helmets
PieProof Cycle Helmets have been designed to be light (just 270g), comfortable, and to look good.

Recognising that you can’t stop a determined magpie from attacking, the design focus was on creating a helmet that protects the rider from direct injuries and also keeps the rider safe, calm and focussed on the road rather than trying to fight off the bird.

PieProof helmets feature:-

  • A strong pet-proof mesh moulded into the liner to keep beaks and claws out.
  • Detachable ear protectors (they also keep the icy winter breeze off your ears).
  • A detachable visor to protect the eyes and face (with glasses).
  • Narrow, angled rear vents to keep beaks and claws out.
  • A rechargeable LED tail lamp (this won’t deter magpies).
Two people wearing bike helmets in a park
The ear protectors and visor can be detached outside of Magpie swooping season.

This patent pending PieProof helmet may even save lives. In 2019 a cyclist died while riding on a popular bicycle path just a few kilometres from my home, when he was swooped by a magpie. The magpie didn’t directly kill him, but he swerved trying to avoid it and hit a fence.

PieProof helmets retail for $109.95 and you can watch a full YouTube review by GPLama by searching GPLama + PieProof. Leo is looking for dealers across Australia and New Zealand who would like to stock this unique new product that can help get more of their customers out cycling through the swooping season.

Helmet product shot
The helmets have an integrated USB-C rechargeable LED tail lamp and 4 rear height/angle settings for the perfect fit.

For more information email Leo at leoboesten@pieproof.com

You can see more information and detailed historical data about magpie attacks on the interactive website, Magpie Alert.

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