Bikecorp Partnership Illuminates Knog Path Towards Ambitious Growth

Melbourne, Victoria

Knog has signed Bikecorp as its new Australian distribution partner, as the brand aims for “ambitious” growth targets with its award-winning bicycle lights, security devices and growing portfolio of other cycling and outdoor products.

“As a proud Australian-based business, it was imperative to us that Knog’s Australian distributor shared Knog’s ambitious targets for our growth over the next five years and beyond. In the team at Bikecorp, we found exactly that equally ambitious partner,” the company’s CEO, Hugo Davidson, said.

Bikecorp and Knog signed off on the new partnership early this year but an agreement was put in place with existing distributor, Apollo, to delay the switch until this month to ensure a smooth transition for all three parties and partner retailers.

Bikecorp sales and marketing manager John Dunnachie said: “We see Knog as a brand of quality and cutting edge in design and look very forward to growing their presence in the Australian market.

“Knog joins Quad Lock and Krush two other prestigious home-grown brands in Bikecorp’s portfolio.”

Both Bikecorp and Knog were present at last month’s Eurobike, which Knog used to unveil its new range of Blinder front bike lights, with predications their performance and price will give the world’s biggest brands a shake-up.

The Blinder front lights come in a barrel-style range – from 600 lumen to 1300 lumen – as well as square 400 lumen, 600 lumen and 1300 lumen options.

Four Blinder sets are also available, while e-bike specific front and tail lights are expected to be available in Australia from September or October.

The e-bike front lights will also include a 2300 lumen option.

The Blinder range replaces Knog’s PWR lights first released in 2019.

Knog also announced developments for its award-winning Scout alarm and finder tag, which has sold 50,000 units since it released its Apple Find My app version last October.

Knog sales director Travis Rich said the company is preparing for the release of an Android version that is also scheduled for a September or October arrival in Australia, where around 40% of mobile phone users have an Android model.

In addition, the Melbourne-based company is about to launch a luggage version of the Scout which, like the bike finder, has an 85-decibel alarm and the Find My app incorporated into the tag.

He said samples of the Scout Travel have gone out to the market and pre-orders are now open, with official release also scheduled for the Australian spring.

“The Scout Travel should double or even triple the number of sales we’re achieving with the Bike Scout,” Travis predicted.

The news comes as Knog celebrates its 20th anniversary and its growth into a global business with distribution in more than 45 countries.

John said the company’s dedication to innovative design and a healthy irreverence for how other brands do things has made Knog into a firm favourite with cyclists around the world.

“Knog were the first cycling business to use silicone in the construction of their lights, which led to the launch of the now legendary, multimillion selling and much copied Frog light,” he said.

“This same fresh approach to design also led to the creation of Knog’s Oi bell, a product that reimagined a 2000-year-old bell design and made the modest bike bell a functional work of art.”

Quad Lock also had a team on the ground at Eurobike, as the Melbourne business looks to build on its success in the Australian phone case market and push into more countries.

Quad Lock team members
The team from Quad Lock enjoy a drink at the end of a long day of meetings at Eurobike … (from left) Jordan Barczak, Andrew Kellock, Simon Kuek, Ben Taylor and Gene Kehoe.

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