Echelon Sports Takes On SevenIDP, TAG Metals and Australian Burgh Tape

Brisbane based Echelon Sports is probably best known for its distribution of Zipp Wheels, SRAM Components and Assos apparel, but these are just three of a wide range of brands, to which they’ve recently added three more.

SevenIDP is a mountain biking protective gear company. Echelon have already started importing their protective pads from mid 2020 but will be adding helmets in early 2021.

Australian MTB legend Sam Hill is sponsored by SevenIDP.

Their helmet product line will range from $165 for the M2 open face up to $659 for their carbon full-face model.

Australian world champion Sam Hill riding with SevenIDP.
Australian world champion Sam Hill riding with SevenIDP.

SevenIDP also has kids’ lines with knee and elbow pads starting from $35.

TAG Metal is a related entity to SevenIDP. British former world downhill champion Steve Peat is an investor.

As the name suggests, their focus is on hardware such as handelbars, stems, grips and pedals.

First products will be landing early 2021

Echelon’s decision to take on these two strongly MTB focused brands is part of a deliberate strategy to diversify. Traditionally the company has offered more road focused products than MTB.

Another interesting new Echelon line is Burgh handlebar tape. This is only available in black and white and all of the avant-garde designs are created by Hobart, Tasmania based graphic artist Thomas Gray, who created the brand.

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