Maxxis in the Loop for Commuting

Frankfurt, Germany

Rising numbers of bike commuters and cargo bikes around the world have triggered another major bicycle tyre brand to release an urban-specific range.

The Metropass and Metroload ranges were a centrepiece of the Maxxis display at this year’s Eurobike.

The Metroload tyres for cargo bikes come in 26-inch options, with a maximum load of 160kg for rider and load combined, and 20-inch tyres that will carry up to 120kg.

Both alternatives are 2.15 inches wide, with a 3mm puncture protection layer, and come in Pro and standard varieties.

“The Pros have a double carcass, so they offer the same protection as our downhill tyres,” Maxxis spokesperson Michael Hallensleben said.

“We’re confident cargo bikes and city bikes are going to catch on with families as an alternative to the second car.”

He said Maxxis started developing the Metropass around three years ago, in response to the rising popularity of bike touring for vacations.

Its motivation for a city range grew as the pandemic turbocharged urban commuter numbers.

Maxxis prototype tyres
Maxxis unveiled a series of prototype tyres designed to meet the requirements for S-Pedelec offroad bikes.

The Metropass comes in 28-inch and 27.5-inch options, including tyres that meet Germany’s requirements for tyres that meet, and clearly display their ‘E50’ rating, for S-Pedelecs.

The Metropass is now in stock, while the Metropass is scheduled to become available in December.

S-Pedelec Prototypes

Maxxis also used Eurobike to unveil a concept range of mountain bike tyres for S-Pedelecs.

Michael said the MaxxTerra, MaxxGrip and Minion Forcaster prototypes were exploring what could be available on the market in the next five or six years, if the S-Pedelec market had grown enough.

“At the moment, S-Pedelecs are just a fraction of a percentage of the e-bike market. But once that market grows, we’ll be ready,” he said.

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