Lezyne’s Cagey AirTag Solution

Frankfurt, Germany

High quality accessories specialist Lezyne has unveiled its solution to attach and conceal Apple’s AirTag on bikes.

The AirTag released by Apple in April 2021, uses a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices through the Find My network. The location of the tag, and any item attached to it, can be identified to an accuracy of within 10 metres.

The US company’s display at Eurobike included the premiere of its Matrix AirCage, a bidon cage that can incorporate an AirTag and keep it well hidden.

The AirCage, based on the design of the Lezyne Matrix Team Bottle Cage, is due for release next month. It uses the company’s Matrix AirTagger – which Lezyne launched a fortnight ago – to secure the AirTag beneath the bidon cage.

It uses a similar approach to Muc-Off to use the bottle cage mounts and bolts to securely attach the tag to a bike frame. However, the AirCage adds the further precaution of placing and securing the bottle cage above the tag, so it is unlikely to be detected by a bike thief.

To provide further security, other the Muc-Off tag holder and the AirCage are attached to the frame using T25 security bolts.

Lezyne’s Pro Tubeless Kit.
The updated and more compact version of Lezyne’s Pro Tubeless Kit.

Pumped About New Tubeless Kit

Lezyne’s Eurobike debuts also included an updated and more compact version of its Pro Tubeless Kit.

The revised kits include two different sized plugs, a knife to cut the surplus plug, and a plug retention tool. It all pack down into a typically Lezyne aluminium tube which also contains a CO2 cannister head.

The packed kit fits snuggly within a Lezyne handpump clips, so it can be firmly attached to the bike frame.

The new Pro Tubeless Kit is expected to be available from September.

Lezyne is distributed in Australia by PSI Cycling.

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