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We’re Launching an Exciting New Major Event


Randwick, NSW

I’m very pleased to announce a major new annual event that we’ll be running for the first time next year.

We’ve signed a two year agreement with Interpoint Events, a leading Sydney-based events company to collaborate on running the Micromobility Conference and Expo.

Interpoint Events is one of Australia’s leading event organisers and part of the Intermedia publishing group. Organising more than a hundred events over the past ten years, Interpoint has launched and run many of Australia’s most successful shows. The company is a full event service provider and handles everything from promotion, through to registration and onsite operations.

Royal Randwick Racecourse, which is in the inner south-eastern suburbs of Sydney just four kilometres from the city centre and eight kilometres from Sydney Airport, will be our venue for the 2022 Micromobility Conference and Expo.

Over 100 exhibitor booths can be accommodated in the Kensington Room on the ground level at Royal Randwick.
Over 100 exhibitor booths can be accommodated in the Kensington Room on the ground level at Royal Randwick.

The Micromobility Expo will be open to both trade and public. There will be multiple test riding opportunities on the spacious, beautifully maintained grounds of Royal Randwick.

Micromobility is a new word, only ‘invented’ four years ago by American futurist and industry consultant Horace Dediu. Its exact definition is still evolving, but all forms of bicycles and cycling are definitely core elements, along with new forms of transport including e-scooters, e-cargo bikes, shared mobility schemes and more.

We’re still working on details of this multi-faceted event and there will be more announcements flowing from early next year. But in the meantime, please save the dates: Friday 25th November to Saturday 26th November 2022.

At this early stage, our full event website is not yet live, but you can register interest via our current temporary site at www.micromobilityconference.com or you can call us on 02 4225 8372.

This is Royal Randwick’s Ballroom, which will house the Micromobility Conference.
This is Royal Randwick’s Ballroom, which will house the Micromobility Conference.


  1. This event is a call out to the whole bicycle industry, and thanks to Phil and his team, opening a major new chapter in advocacy to alert the decision makers not just in the big whitish house on the Canberra skyline but in all States and Territories.
    Bicycles even in their basic form but increasingly as machines integrating the smarts of the internet age, battery power and cutting edge design can carve out a whole new demographic which is seeking an alternative to fossil fuelled cars. E-Bikes can even out pace the E-Car for convenience, economy, manoeuvrability, environmental positives and sheer fun to use. This is also a call to the bicycle industry to join forces with bicycling advocates; there is push back when road space is repurposed. That must not determine the future of bicycles for transport.

    • Thanks for your comments Michael and for your pioneering work in establishing and running the Bicycle Industry Trade Show way back in the late 1980’s (?) and early 1990’s which in many ways a forerunner of what we’re doing with the Micromobility Conference and Expo.
      I agree that industry and advocates do need to build closer ties and work together as they both want the same outcomes, even if it is for slightly different motivations.

  2. Fantastic initiative Phil,
    I’m in awe of your energy and drive, but thankful that the industry has you as one of the leaders that makes things happen.
    I’ll be there and support it 100%

    • Hi Nigel
      Thanks very much for your very kind words.
      I can assure you that my team and I will be doing everything we can to make this event a joy for everyone who attends.
      I certainly look forward to seeing you there!

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