Innovation Keeps Merida at the Cutting Edge

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Unlike most brands whose bikes are sourced from third party manufacturers, Merida develops and manufactures their bikes in-house.

“We have our own factory, which lets us focus on the development and quality of our extensive range. It’s a unique advantage,” said Mark Rycroft, National Brand Manager for Merida.

Merida e One-Sixty 2020 Riders: Toni Ferreiro, Jorge Panizo Location: Nigran, Spain April 2019

Merida’s best selling eMTB range looks significantly different in 2020 to the previous years’ models.

“In mountain biking our key model is the ever popular eOne Sixty,” Mark revealed. “We have new innovation this year with different wheel sizes, 27.5” rear 29” front, mated to a full carbon front end with an internal battery.

“We launched our carbon models earlier in the season and we’ve just released our alloy frame in-tube battery model, which also has the 27.5 / 29  differential wheel size pairing.”

We still however make the previous generation 27.5” wheels with external battery available at our entry price points. Apart from the wheel differential, the next big change that makes a striking visual improvement is that the previously externally mounted battery has disappeared.

The Merida eOne Sixty 8000

“We worked closely with Shimano in the development of their new internal battery and actually developed our frame around that battery,” Mark explained. “We worked on things like heat dissipation, the fit within the frame and accessibility, so that you can get the battery out in just 30 seconds.

“The battery cover not only offers protection but also noise dampening. Anything that the front wheel throws up, stones, small sticks, usually hits that part of the bike.” (the underside of the down tube).

“We use a full Shimano system, not just the battery but the entire ebike system plus all of the regular components. So from a warranty perspective, it’s pretty much a one stop shop. That eliminates potential headaches for our dealers and customers alike.”

Merida eSpresso 300 SE EQ

Whilst in no way implying what product developments might be coming from Merida in future seasons, Mark had some very interesting broader observations to make about how the ebike category might develop.

“It’s going to be an evolving product,” he predicted. “As production, engineering and the ability to store power over time all improve.

“We do know that there’s thought around bigger capacity batteries offering longer ride time vs smaller capacity batteries which are lighter.

“Most long travel full suspension e-mountain bikes currently weigh in the 20kg to 23kg range. If you want something that’s sub 17 kg you might well be paying north of $20,000 for that.

“There are those out there looking for a 14 kg eMTB with a smaller battery and motor that will just give them some support up the climbs, but keeping the bike light and nimble. Then there are those looking for bigger batteries and motors for longer, fully assisted rides.

“Engineers are facing this dichotomy of how they can satisfy both markets. As a result, we might well see new models in the future. A lot of riders currently enjoy the lightness of a smaller, 120 mm travel non-ebike. But for pedalling uphill, who wouldn’t like an extra 50 watts?”

Whatever the future holds, you can be confident that Merida will continue to be at the cutting edge of new product development.

For more information about Merida’s 2020 ebike lineup, visit  or call Advance Traders on 07 3861 8900.

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